Friday, April 2, 2010

Origin - Antithesis


Yeah, that pretty much sums up the musical experience.

But seriously, Origin are a ridiculously talented band from a technical standpoint. If they played any tighter, they’d create some kind of space-time singularity and suck us all into it. They put their best foot forward into playing hyper-brutal death metal that I guess would have a vaguely sci-fi/futuristic theme running throughout, if you could discern it.

There’s been a lot of discussion about how brutal death metal bands have reached this point where every band is trying to be more musically extreme, and more brutal than the last, with little regard to making such wanton brutality actually sound good. In this way, Origin embody both the worst and best of this bizarre trend to race to a never-ending finish line of brutality.

The “best” part of that comes from how Origin is able to play such brutal, insane music, and still keep everything together. It’s all played very tightly as I said, and somehow, the music doesn’t break down or fall apart. It almost feels like –this- is the threshold of brutality: the final frontier at which music can still be discernible to the human ear as anything more than a flurry of nonsensical sound. But then again, that’s the kind of thing they were saying about video game graphics with each successive generation, “It’ll never get better than it is right now”, et cetera…so, we’ll see.

The “worst” part of that statement, though…as you might expect from music of such hyper-brutality, it becomes very difficult to discern one song from the next, and listening to the whole album in one go can be physically tiring if you’ve attempted to keep up with the notes the whole way. I can appreciate it in short bursts, and it’s certainly impressive from a technical standpoint, but I think this is the kind of band where you only really need to own one album, if that. As a technical demonstration, it’s astounding, but I – and I’m sure a ton of people – look for more in music than that.
But at the very least – check the Giger-esque cover art. Pure class.

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