Friday, April 2, 2010

Eldritch - Blackenday

For some reason, the music community seems to have a hard time classifying this band. I’ve heard them referred to as power/thrash, power/prog, to my personal favourite, “Melodic techno thrash” (I know, I know…). But I haven’t been steered wrong before in the field of power/thrash, with giants like Manticora and (earlier) Iced Earth laying down what makes each genre great in combination: the pure intensity of thrash melded finely with the outstanding melody and grandeur of power metal.

Though, the only time I really felt the thrash influence on this particular release was on one of the digipak bonus tracks, Do You Believe? It utilizes a punky thrash sound that the band wears surprisingly well, but the majority of the album has a chunky power metal sound, with a hard rock edge that makes me want to recommend this to fans of later Edguy. However, it does have that sort of rigidness in the playing, which gives me the feeling that maybe it’s a little TOO tight (think later Hammerfall; nothing against them, but loosen up your riffs, guys!), rather than loose and free like, say, Slough Feg. But overall it’s good, not altogether much to say. This band gets overlooked more than they probably should, so Edguy fans, check it.

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