Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blind Guardian - A Voice In The Dark

A quick review for a quick disc. Over-priced and under-available, this single was relegated to “collector’s item” territory as soon as it was released. These three songs, meant to serve as a sneak peek of the then-forthcoming album At The Edge Of Time, won’t hold many surprises to someone who already had said album before getting this single, but on its own, it’s a nice release: the title track that brings to mind Somewhere Far Beyond-era material with a more three-dimensional production job, the cover song You’re The Voice (also available on the second disc of ATEOT’s special edition), and an extended version of the inspiring, minstrel march of War Of The Thrones, one of my favourites from the new record.

Not essential by any means (pick up At The Edge Of Time), but it’s nice to have, even if the only exclusive material is the extended War Of The Thrones. Great song, though; I dig it.

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